The #cwc23 cricket world cup quiz event emerged as a dynamic bridge, facilitating a vibrant connection between AMFL and the youth. As winners received meticulously curated branded gift boxes and other coveted items, not only were they thrilled, but the event also became a gateway to uncovering the profound preferences and tastes of the younger generation. By providing branded gift boxes and other items, AMFL has not only delighted the winners but also gained valuable insights into the preferences and likings of the younger generation.

Blooming Facts is excited to announce its commitment to hosting quiz competitions for years to come. Their goal is to ignite curiosity about knowledge, consistently engage the audience, and deliver high-quality content and valuable information. They are looking forward to many more opportunities to challenge, inspire, and enlighten the followers as they embark on this exciting journey together.


অভিনন্দন! আরো একজন লাকি উইনার তার গিফট হাতে পেলেন আপনারা সবাই কুইজ এ অংশগ্রহন করে হতে পারেন একজন বিজয়ী এবং পেতে পারেন অসাধারন এই মিস্ট্রি বক্স। প্রতি কুইজের সাথে সাথে বাড়তেই থাকবে মিস্ট্রি বক্সের ভিতরের চমক!

This platform has quickly gained popularity by consistently providing well- researched and engaging facts to its audience and hosting engaging quiz competitions, they created an interactive platform for knowledge seekers. One of the standout  and exciting features of Blooming Facts is their tradition of rewarding quiz competition winners with surprise gifts, adding an element of fun and incentive to the learning experience. With the support of their sponsor, Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd., an organization that takes pride in supporting initiatives that engage and enrich the lives of youth.